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Founded in 1988, Putnam Associates has been serving global biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical device clients, along with private equity and venture capital clients, providing world class strategic advice based on sophisticated, robust analytics. Our focus enables us to provide customized, actionable recommendations that draw on robust problem framing, cutting-edge methodologies, deep therapeutic area knowledge, extensive global networks of health care stakeholders, and expert synthesis across scientific, clinical, and business disciplines.

Our consultants have similar professional and educational backgrounds to those at generalist strategy consulting firms but with a significant advantage: 100% of Putnam’s work is dedicated to maximizing the value of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and device products. We serve clients who market many of the world’s best-known biopharmaceuticals, and who are leveraging the genomics and “big data” revolutions month by month with new breakthrough therapies and higher quality patient care.

We are an independent, Australian-owned supplier of data collection and processing services to the market and social research industry.

but there are others in Australia who can claim the same. What makes Q&A different is that we not only possess data collection power… we know how to use it, too. Q&A’s data collection and processing capability is delivered by skilled practitioners, informed by deep experience and a legacy of fieldwork success, and inspired by a passionate belief in the transformative power of research.

How We Work

When you work with Q&A Market Research, this is what you can expect:

We believe that all research problems have a viable solution

And our belief inspires our creative and thoughtful approach to research practice

We are flexible, and realistic about change

The world moves quickly, but we’ll help you keep up. And when you change, we’ll change with you

We are active in our support for our industry

We are present, vocal, and passionate in our advocacy for our industry and its people

We are expert managers of participation and response

We create compelling, relevant and engaging response pathways that support research success

We embrace new technologies and research methods

And their adoption is supported by our flexible, open and customisable delivery pathways

We are accountable and transparent in our delivery

And we guarantee our delivery – always.

We partner with clients in tailored and flexible ways

However you envisage your ideal research delivery, we have the power to enable it

We are proficient in best-practice standards of privacy and information security

And we confer upon our clients our proficiency and capabilities in this space

Q&A Market Research is committed to a vibrant and sustainable research industry, based on quality, trust, accountability, and openness to new ideas.

Michael Harding

Managing Director

Heidi Berry

Project Management

Lloyd Studders

Project Management

Andrew Pegg

Project Management