Q&A is a full service resource supplier to the market research industry, catering to both the government and private sectors, offering;

Quantitative Services

  • 100-station call centre, operating all year
  • Experience in consumer, business, political, social and medical
  • Large and stable workforce of interviewers working exclusively for Q&A
  • 300 interviewers, located across Australia
  • Central location, door-to-door and executive interviewing capacity
  • Data collection using either tablets pen-and-paper
Audits and observational studies
  • In-store and telephone mystery shopping
  • Retail audits
  • Price checking
  • Traffic counts

Qualitative Recruitment

  • In-house team of recruiters, working closely in a team environment
  • Extensive, national panel of respondents – 95% of whom are recruited off-line using random CATI interviewing


  • Online scripting and hosting services
  • Online panel surveys

Data Processing

  • Data entry and coding services
  • Data tabulation and analysis
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard creation